What Parents Need To Know About Putting Kids In Catholic Schools

How to Curb Declining Catholic High School Enrollment

According to the National Catholic Education Association, NCEA, the enrollment in catholic schools has declined steadily over the past few decades. NCEA states that currently (2017 ? 2018) academic year, there are slightly over 1.83 million students enrolled in catholic elementary and high schools. Back in the 1960s there were over 5.2 million students enrolled in catholic schools. The number of schools was also very high back then totaling to over thirteen thousand schools. Currently there are only about 6500 catholic schools in total in the United States. Most of the other schools have either being closed or consolidated.

How to curb this decline in Catholic high school enrollment

One of the major reasons why catholic schools are seeing a decline in enrollment is tuition fees. The tuition charged in most of these schools is beyond the reach of many people. When most parents around the school are not able to pay for the fees the school ends up seeing a significant decline in enrollment and the students are enrolled in other affordable private schools or public schools. To curb this, the catholic high schools can use scholarships. Offering scholarships is a great way for the minority students and those that are really interested and not able to get the school fees to afford being in a Catholic

Currently there are scholarships offered to provide assistance to parents that are not able to raise fees. The scholarships are provided by institutions affiliated to the Catholic Church. There are many such institutions offering huge amounts of money sometimes in tunes of millions to support parents that seek for assistance. However it seems most parents do not consider asking for this assistance when they do not have the financial muscle to foot the required tuition fees.

The application process is also not very complicated and the requirements are not stiff. You will need to approach the finance office of the institution where you want to enroll your child. The office will ask you for the documents that they require to show that you are not capable to of handling the tuition fees. This might include your tax returns and maybe current pay slips or bank account statements. With this in hand the office will then guide you on how to apply for the scholarship. Besides these affiliate institutions other sources of scholarships in the catholic high schools is the alumni association.

Catholic high school enrollment is on the low but with the proper measures the catholic church will be able to put the enrollment rates back to considerable levels. Catholic education is a good education for your kids because it is holistic and up to standard.

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