Private Schools

You are searching for a private school and viola; you realize not all private schools are the same. There are many kinds of private schools categorized, depending on various factors like sponsors and whether the students go home or board in the school. But what makes them private is the fact that they do not depend on the government for funds to run the school or teacher employment. Here are some common types of private schools you might come along in your search.

Day or boarding schools

These are categorized depending on whether the students go home in the evening or not. In day schools, the students go to school in the morning and leave at home in the evening. In boarding schools, there is accommodation provided for the students, and they only go back occasionally during breaks or every weekend depending on the policy of the school. In boarding schools, a typical day is structured with certain times for certain activities. There is class time, meal time, breaks, and time for sports, religious activities and much more. For students in day schools, the parents are in control most of the time as opposed to boarding schools.

Parochial or religious schools

These classes are sponsored by an individual religion. The schools besides providing the usual education requirements will also have an emphasis on the doctrines and beliefs of their faith. Acceptance in these schools might require that you are a member of that particular religion sponsoring the school. However, there are some who might not strictly require you be a member of the faith. Examples of such schools are Catholic schools, Jewish schools, and other religious groups.

Special needs schools

These are the kinds of schools that will offer educational services for students who are living with disabilities. Such schools have specialized teachers and teacher aids. The teachers are trained on how to teach the kids with disabilities. For instance, a teacher teaching in a school with visually impaired students will be required to know how to read and write Braille to be able to communicate with the students correctly. In a school with students with hearing impairments, the teacher should be versed in sign language.

Military schools

These are schools that offer both curriculum and military training for the students. Military training is known to instill discipline and skill which makes them easily considered for a career in the military after they graduate.

The choice of the school you pick will depend on the preferences of both the parent and the child. Sometimes taking a child to a school, they do not prefer might make them feel unwanted in the family who might bring other problems in the future or cause them to perform poorly in school.