Independent Schools

Most people might think of private and public schools as rivals in the business of offering education services. This, however, is not the case. Both the private and public schools serve the right of the people. It is important therefore that both kinds of schools learn from each other so that they can become better in performance, well rounded and more inclusive. There are many factors from which each of the school can learn from the other and here are some of them.

Teaching practices

There are many ways of delivering the curriculum to the learner that the teacher can use. The method of instruction adopted depends on the content being taught and the age of the child. Some teaching methods adopted in schools include lecturing method, discussion, experiments, demonstrations, using real objects in the classroom and much more. It is important that when one school is better than the other, then they share on what teaching-learning practices they use and for what subjects. Some questions require the use of more than one of the methods or an emphasis on some of the methods. For instance, science topics need an emphasis on experiments while art will require a focus on using realia.


School curricula should not be set in stone. It should be tweaked and changed now and then to adapt to the changing life and also to adopt better methods. Private schools can have their curriculum since they can finance it and also implement it quickly. This does not, however, mean that public schools should not borrow from that. Although the change in the curriculum of public schools can be an issue since it has to go through many processes, regular review of the curriculum should be done to ensure that it goes with the times and has the suitable methods.


Private and public schools have a different management system. Private schools are usually better managed. Most of them are usually run like companies having different administrators who see to the daily running of the school. Public schools can also adopt this system and ensure that the schools that they have are well represented and thereby well taken care of. A school with a manager, accountants, directors and other administrators will run much better than one with only the headteacher and the deputy as the heads overseeing the daily operations.

The benchmarking process

This should be done regularly with private schools visiting public schools and vice versa. Benchmarking should be done in all the core areas of the school like curriculum, curriculum delivery, extracurricular activities, management, and facilities. When there is decent benchmarking, then the concerned parties can know where their shortcomings are and correct them.