Top Myths About Private Schools Debunked

There are many myths surrounding private schools that go around. These are because before private schools were only for a chosen few. There are those who still believe in what was, not knowing that things have changed more now. Here are some of the top myths about private schools.

Private schools are only for the very rich

No. private schools range in prices from affordable to really expensive. Of course, the expensive ones are a reserve of the very wealthy people in the society. There are many private schools available which have increased competition amongst them. Increased competition has led to better prices of the fees charged in the schools. Some schools have benefactors who sponsor some students so that they go tuition free. The alumni of the private schools are also known to help some students get through school without paying much money. There are also financial aids which can be sought to help the child get through the private school education.

Private schools require uniform

No. in the old days it was a necessity for a uniform in most private schools. This has however changed with time, and most private schools now might not require any uniform. Only some religious schools now subject their students to wearing the uniform. Other private schools also may require some controlled dressing for the students like khaki pants and t-shirts, but not the old kind of clothes that were worn before.

Private schools are harder

Private schools can have their curriculum different from public schools. Some public schools are more challenging than public schools, but others are not. Some private schools emphasize so much on the academics of the child which might make it seem difficult for the children since high standards are required. There are other private schools which will emphasize in other areas like sports, arts, and music. Since private schools have a small class size, the teacher can follow the progress of the learner more. Making them do more academic work than could be done in public schools.

Private schools lack diversity

False. Private schools now are just as diverse as public schools are. The private schools now have students of all color and racial affiliation. The schools now also accept people from different religious affiliations, but if they do not, they will inform you in advance. This is important in creating the diversity needed by children to be able to interact with different people in the society.

Debunking these top myths has shown that many private schools have evolved from the infamous old independent schools to what they are now. Parents considering a private school for their children should not stop because of these myths.