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Tips to help you pass the forklift training course – the most important aspect of successful forklift training is passing the written test. This test is usually used to measure the understanding of the operators and it isgiven at the end of a formal lecture inside a classroom. The Forklift training test is usually given for purposes of evaluation and if the test is passed, the trainee then undertakes a forklift practice test.

The training course is usually dependent on the forklift type that one intends to operate and this basically implies that the trainee will need to undertake much lengthier discussion If he or she intends to operate a more complicated machine.

Questions asked during forklift training –when taking a forklift training test some of the questions you will encounter include; whether it is safe to travel with the machine while the forks are touching down, whether the forks should exceed 6 inches above the ground when moving loads, if talking on the phone Is safe while driving the truck at work, if you should lower the forks until they touch the floor when parking the truck, whether it is acceptable to travel on the machine while carrying a colleague on the pallet, if you should always remember to have the forklift switched off when charging, filling gas or refueling, if the stability of the forklift suffers when lifting heavy loads, if you need as you pass an intersection; to honk your horn, whether before commencing work, there is daily inspection from OSHA, if it is always necessary and the right thing to do to maintain speeds limit and slow down so that you are able to keep the forklift’s balance when turning, whether you can drive a forklift foreword at a slope of 10 degree, whether a forklift can be driven by only one passenger, if the forklift training course should specifically be taken in consideration of the truck to be operated, if there is effectiveness doing the forklift training at the real workplace, if the safety trainer should be someone experienced and a senior who has the necessary capability to successfully deliver the training, if an alarm is needed on a forklift when moving backwards, if it is necessary to have the rear mirrors on a forklift NSC, if there is need of headlights when operating a forklift, whether there is any need for a forklift to have backing alarm and horn, if the operator can travel in reverse if she or he is obstructed by the load, and whether the forks should be lifted above the ground when parking the forklift.

Mostly these are the general questions one would encounter at the forklift training course and it is therefore important to study and familiarize with them.

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